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Kalana yacht harbour is open!

Max draft: 2.5 m
Max length: 24 m
Max width: 6 m

Sheltered from all directions. Entering the bay could be complicated due to SW swell. From WP 58°54.8872′ N 022°03.5691′ E approach along the leading line 008,4°-188,4° and follow the entry channel lateral marking. Steer to the harbour basin around S mole. At the tip of it light beacon Oc R 4 s (3+1),leading line front mark, red metal cylinder with white rectangles on sides.

Weather conditions

Wind map: windy.com


Kalana jahisadam

19. May 2023

Information for entering Kalana Yacht Harbour

17. November 2022

Video story about our harbours